As I was driving today and searching for a radio station, I recognized a familiar voice that I used to hear every week when I went to church in California.  I wanted to hear what Chuck Swindoll had to say.  Just as I had learned so much listening to his messages many years ago, I found myself listening intently to his radio message.

He talked about the not-so-positive flip sides of certain positive and highly acclaimed attributes:

  • Commitment to excellence / intolerance of mistakes
  • Lifestyle of discipline / attitude of impatience
  • Independence and high production / pride

I had to laugh, remembering his humor, when he said “Everyday in America we eat 75 acres of pizza and 3 million gallons of ice cream,” as an example of some of our indulgences.

If you want to hear more of his message, here’s a link.

Hearing his familiar voice was comforting and now I will tune in to his broadcasts on purpose (rather than by accident.)


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