First, thank you to my loyal followers of my blog and for those of you who send me private e-mails with compliments and positive input.

Writing has been a passion for me since I was a small child.  Almost as soon as I could read, I began to write plays/skits for my neighborhood friends.  One of my dreams was to write a novel and I actually sat down to do that when I was 8 or 9.  I wrote one page (which I still have) and was done.  I looked, sadly, at that page and realized that was no novel, saying to myself, “I guess I just haven’t had enough life experience.”

In high school, my very favorite English teacher of all time told me that I couldn’t write – that I had no style.  I was devastated, believed her, and my passion became blocked.  Although my college degree is in journalism, I never intended to write as a reporter.  I saw myself more as a manager or director in a creative environment.

My grammar is far from perfect – in fact, I find grammatical rules confining.  My grammar police friends are appalled at my literary license.

But, here’s the message for the day:  If you have children, ask them if there’s anything that one of their teachers (or anyone) has told them they cannot do.  Do your best to convince them differently – that if they have a passion for something, they should believe in it.

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