Bad stuff happens. Don’t know why but asking “why me” is a question that seems like a huge waste of time.

Lots of bad stuff happened to me:

I was bullied in school by both boys and girls. (It wasn’t called that back then, but that’s what it was, and it was pretty brutal.)

I got in trouble for writing a love letter when I was 9 and got sent to the principal’s office and almost got expelled. What kind of weird thing was that? Nothing nasty in the letter – I was 9! But the real damage was that my mother refused to get involved and forced me to handle it on my own (I was so frightened).

My only friend stole my things and bragged to the other kids at school about how she was so clever, and I was so clueless. I had been taught that stealing was wrong, so I expected my mother to help me. She didn’t. So I took matters into my own hands by asking her not to do it anymore and got spanked for making the “friend” cry.

My Mom gave my hope chest away without telling me. I had been collecting stuff for years and one day it all disappeared. She said my brother needed it for his apartment.

My Dad, whom I adored, almost got killed and was close to death for 10 months. I was terrified.

He got well and asked for a divorce. Mom told me it was because he had gotten a vasectomy 5 years before I was born and didn’t think I was his child. I didn’t even know what a vasectomy was, but accepted the fact that somehow it must have been my fault.

I was abandoned during their divorce. I had 5 older brothers and sisters. No one could handle it (so seemingly ignored it), while I lived with 3 different families. Two weeks after the divorce was final, they got back together. They still fought (verbally) just as much.

The day after achieving Valedictorian status at my 8th grade graduation, I was told that I couldn’t go to high school as punishment for my bad attitude. I really thought both of them had lost their minds this time, but I begged them to reconsider. They came up with a list of rules for each summer, and if I was “perfect” enough, I could earn the right to go the next year.

I wanted to run away from home, but didn’t know how, so abided by their rules. I passionately loved school and I wasn’t giving it up!

I graduated from high school with honors and they said I couldn’t go to college, even though I had been awarded full scholarships to several universities. They wouldn’t sign the consent papers, so I borrowed the money.

Then I was raped at age 20; that was the final destructive blow that caused me to shut down. I thought I could stop the hurt if I stopped feeling. It didn’t work, but I built walls around my heart.

I threw myself wholeheartedly into my career – I could accomplish something there and actually get rewarded and appreciated for my hard work.

One day, in my 30’s, I met a very wise man, who taught me that it was possible to learn something positive from every bad thing that had ever happened. I chose to become “better” rather than “bitter.” And the day I forgave my parents was a glorious day.

Truthfully, the bad stuff could have been a whole lot worse…

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  • I have to say, while looking through hundreds of blogs daily, the theme of this blog is different (for all the proper reasons). If you do not mind me asking, what’s the name of this theme or would it be a especially designed affair? It’s significantly better compared to the themes I use for some of my blogs.

    December 10, 2011
    • I started out with a template then hired a programmer to customize it. I was a journalism major so I knew exactly what I wanted and this was a fun project!

      December 19, 2011
  • This is precisely the important information I’d been searching for. Incredible blog. Very inspirational! Your posts are so good and also detailed. The links you come with are also very beneficial as well. Many thanks 🙂

    December 17, 2011
    • Thank you for your comment. I’m so glad to have inspired you.

      December 19, 2011

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