It is impossible not to feel horrified with an unending pit of sorrow about what happened in Connecticut on Friday.  None of us will ever forget, and we all want to know why.  I feel helpless and angry.  Most of you probably share those emotions.

After feeling deep sympathy for the affected families and praying for them, I felt fearful for every school child in America.  I do not have children, but I have many elementary-age nieces and nephews.  I also have a niece, who is a kindergarten teacher.

Today, in church, I heard one of the best sermons I have ever heard.  Our pastor devoted his entire message to what happened on Friday.   His message was that we should all “push back the darkness.”  He also gave statistics that were comforting to know that a child has a 1 in 12 million chance of dying at school.  It helped me to not be as scared.

Please, if you are a Christian, do not say things like “God allowed this” or “It’s all a part of God’s plan.”  There was nothing Godly about Friday’s events – except that God created us with free will.

The reason that  so many people were needlessly slaughtered on Friday was because that shooter chose evil.  That is why these kinds of things happen.

I am making a commitment to pray for our schools every day, from now on.


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  • Excellent post. Thanks.

    January 7, 2013

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