Today was an amazing day.  I wrote the biggest deal of my entire career.  I am still astonished that the deal actually closed.  The reality of it hasn’t quite sunk in yet.

Here’s the funniest part – while I was getting his final signatures, my beaded necklace broke.  The beads flew and bounced everywhere.  I wish I had a video of this wealthy business owner and I crawling around his office floor, trying to find all of the beads.

After a few minutes, we thought that we had all of them.  I reconstructed the necklace and one was still missing.  He went down to the floor again, refusing to give up, and finally found it under his desk.

I, of course, apologized profusely, but I don’t get embarrassed easily.  (I was trying to keep myself from laughing the entire time.)  Maybe it was actually a bonding experience…

My gratefulness is seemingly unlimited today.   What a blessing to be given such a wonderful paycheck at the end of the year!  (I had to pray a lot during the meetings for this deal – that whatever outcome God wanted for me was okay.)

I didn’t count on the sale until today, when it was signed, sealed and delivered.

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  • Just discovered this blog thru Yahoo, what a way to brighten up my month!

    December 14, 2012

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